Making Modelling Clay out of Milk

Making Modelling Clay out of Milk

Many types of clays, resins, plastics and glues are liquids or very soft solids when unset and solidify and harden when another reagent is added. In the unset state, some might be monomers, single molecules which, upon addition of another reagent, polymerise. Polymerisation is a process by which the single molecules all link up in an infinite chain and become a polymer. Most plastics are polymers (polyester, polystyrene, polyethylene (polythene)). The prefix 'poly' means 'many' hence polystyrene means 'many styrenes'.

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Experiments you can do at home

Welcome to Dr Hal's Backyard Science, experiments you can try at home. These are experiments that you can try in your garden or house with parental permission and supervision. Each of them comes with some health and safety instructions that an adult must read. The text is reproduced by kind permission of Education in Chemistry a journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Experiments:

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